The European market is well established and a known economy in the world. Many traders are actively trading in financial markets there to make good money. Other than this, the market also has the best of crypto trading services with its trading platforms. 

In the article we’ll be exploring the top five crypto trading platforms in Europe that make trading more efficient and effortless for the traders online. In addition, guiding traders to choose the suitable trading platform. 

Best Crypto Trading Platform in Europe 

Traders who want to make best online trades can have a look at the best crypto trading platform in Europe. It will help them choose the best platform that will make trading more smooth and a great experience for them. 

Such platforms have the best services, tools, and a range of assets to trade. In addition, their facilities make trading easy as the support makes it easy to predict and trade. Here we have the best crypto trading platforms in Europe that traders can trade with and have excellent trading experience: 

  • eToro
  • Coinbase
  • Binance 
  • Bitstamp


eToro is a leading copy trading platform in the financial markets. Traders can have their account on the platform to discuss cryptos and trade in the market. They can take other traders' advice using the copy trading facility. 

It has a total of 60+ cryptocurrencies to trade. Besides, the regulation of top authorities makes it a secure trading platform online. Traders can have the following facility with the trading platform: 

  • Real crypto exposure
  • Minimum deposit varied with cryptocurrencies 
  • Regulated by three authorities
  • Low fees of 1% on buy and sell positions 


Coinbase is the biggest cryptocurrency trading platform. It has more than 80 million clients that trade to make profits. The trading platform has a user-friendly interface, various cryptocurrencies, and makes buying and selling of cryptos easy. 

The exchange is regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services. Also, there are other authorities that look into the services of the exchange for the best trading environment. 

The facilities of Coinbase includes: 

  • Minimum deposit of $50
  • 100+ cryptocurrencies
  • Regulated 
  • Low trading fees


Binance is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. The leading market service provider is trusted and has millions of daily traders. It has more than 600 pairs of cryptocurrencies to trade with low trading fees. 

Traders have to pay a minimum deposit fee of $10 to access the platform. The regulatory body of the platform ensures a safe trading environment with the best of facilities for the clients. 

The facilities of Binance are:

  • Low transaction fees
  • Best trading platform
  • Mobile app
  • Tools and educational support is a 2016 trading platform. Founded to offer clients with a suitable trading experience. The platform has more than 10 million clients trading daily and is working globally across 90 countries. 

Traders can earn rewards on the platform, have interests on their trades, enjoy copy trading and low trading fees to make trading more convenient. The platform offers the following benefits or features for the clients easy trading experience: 

  • 250+ cryptos
  • Minimum deposit of $20
  • Regulated platform 
  • Low fees


Bitstamp is a cryptocurrency exchange based in Luxembourg. Traders can trade in fiat currency, and various cryptocurrencies to make their best of trades online. The official website of the exchange is 

Founded in 2013 in Europe. The company is focused on offering alternatives to the dominant bitcoin exchange in the market. The platform accepts fiat currency and trades in US dollars. 

The benefits of the platform are: 

  • Competitive trading fees
  • Easy to use platform
  • Advanced trading services
  • Mobile app
  • Cryptocurrency selection for traders
  • Track record


Finding the best crypto trading platform is not easy. Traders have to search and compare various trading platforms before choosing the best one. In the article, we have discussed the top five crypto trading platforms in Europe. 

Traders can choose the suitable one and make the best of their trades. It will support them in making best online trades in cryptos and buy and sell to make good earnings online. 

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